Susan Beccio

senior communication officer global outreach IFAD

Susan Beccio is Senior Communication Officer, Global Outreach for the Global Communications and Advocacy Division at IFAD. She leads both the Global Media team and the Video and Broadcast team, and is responsible for the organization’s strategic positioning in global media and broadcast outlets.

Susan joined IFAD in 1997. Most recently, she managed regional communication and outreach for Asia and the Pacific. She previously served as photo editor, leading on photography for the organisation, and as a print production buyer, spearheading innovation in print production and installations. Before joining IFAD, she worked as a freelance photographer and video producer with media clients, including the Associated Press and the New York Times.

Susan holds a Bachelors in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters in International Humanitarian Psychosocial Consultation from the University of East London.

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