Thin Lei Win

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Thin Lei Win is Food Security Correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Born and raised in Myanmar, Thin currently covers food security issues globally for the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF), the non-profit arm of the Reuters news agency, for whom Thin has worked since 2008. In 2015, Thin returned to Myanmar after many years abroad to set up, launch and manage Myanmar Now, an award-winning bilingual news agency, producing in-depth reports on the country’s historic elections and transition to a popularly-elected government, with the support of TRF. Thin also co-founded The Kite Tales, a unique preservation project that chronicles the lives and histories of ordinary people across Myanmar. Until 2015, Thin worked as the Bangkok-based Southeast and East Asia Correspondent for TRF, producing award-winning humanitarian news coverage in the region. Thin caught the journalism bug when she interned at a publishing house in Singapore in 2000 in her final year of studies in Business Management. She eschewed the business world for life as a reporter, to her parents’ initial consternation.

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