Urmi Goswami

assistant editor The Economic Times

Urmi Goswami is Assistant Editor with The Economic Times, India’s largest and most widely read business daily. She writes about climate change -- the impacts, science, domestic policy and action and international negotiations and international and regional collaborations -- as well as issues related to the environment, energy transition, sustainability and sustainable development. She has attended international climate negotiations since the 2009 Conference of Parties (COP15) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Urmo was UNFCCC Complus fellow between 2011 and 2014. She has also covered the meetings of the United Nations Environment Programme, the UN Environment Assembly beginning in 2014 and the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) meeting in 2019. She is often invited by Indian radio and TV shows to share her expertise about climate change, environment and sustainability. She is a contributing author to Beat Reporting and Editing: Journalism in the Digital Age (eds Surbhi Dahiya and Shambhu Sahu, Sage Publishing, 2022) and the author of a children’s book, Pollution Solution: For Cleaner, Greener Earth (Teri Press, forthcoming).

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