Veronika Koutsyllo

editor OpenRussia

Veronika Koutsyllo is a Russian journalist based in Moscow. Her main interest are Russian politics, social issues, human rights. She is editor-in-chief of OpenRussia. the website launched by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. OpenRussia is his online project that intended to serve as a “nationwide community platform” facilitating discussion aimed at transforming Russia into a democratic state.

Veronika started her career in journalism in 1990. For nearly 20 years she worked for various publications of the Kommersant Publishing House, Russia’s leading media organization. She was deputy editor (2000-2011) at Kommersant-Vlast, a weekly magazine focusing on Russian domestic politics. She was also deputy editor at (2012-2013), a highly regarded web portal focusing on culture and politics. In 2000 she was awarded the Gerd Bucerius Prize Free Press of Eastern Europe sponsored by the Foundation of the German weekly Die Zeit.

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