Yael Braudo-Bahat

co-director Women Wage Peace

Yael Braudo-Bahat is one of the two co-directors of Women Wage Peace (WWP), responsible for resource development, cultivating and maintaining relations with organizations and supporters in Israel and abroad, and supervising WWP activity on mainstream and social media. She also works closely with the founders, director, and coordinators of Women of the Sun, WWP’s Palestinian sister movement.

Braudo-Bahat obtained her Ph.D. in Law from Tel Aviv University, where she also served as a lecturer, research assistant, and Associate Editor of the international legal journal Theoretical Inquiries in Law. WWP is the largest peace movement in Israel calling to reach a bilaterally acceptable political agreement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in part by increasing the number of women in all aspects of negotiation. Together with Women of the Sun, WWP has been nominated to the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize. In 2023 Braudo-Bahat represented WWP at the BBC most influential women of the year, and another representative of WWP was chosen to be included in the 2024 Time Magazine Women of the Year List, together with Reem Hajajreh, the co-founder of Women of the Sun.

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