Zing Tsjeng

editor-in-chief VICE

Zing Tsjeng is the Editor-in-Chief of VICE and VICE UK. She leads the VICE culture and lifestyle team in the US and UK, managing staff and commissioning and editing stories. VICE News and VICE World News are separate operations.

Zing is an author, journalist, documentary host and podcaster. She published a critically acclaimed nonfiction 2018 book series entitled Forgotten Women that dives into the lost histories of accomplished women. In March 2023, the books will be reissued as a standalone anthology of the same name on Brazen, an imprint of Hachette's Octopus Publishing Group.

Previously, she freelanced for publications such as Vogue, Dazed, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, Press Association and Disegno. She was also VICE UK executive editor, Broadly UK editor, UK chief editor at Konbini and news editor at Dazed.

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