Mirko Lorenz

innovation manager Deutsche Welle

Mirko Lorenz

Mirko Lorenz is a journalist, information architect and trainer for data-driven journalism. He is the co-founder of Datawrapper, a popular tool to create charts and maps.

In his role as Innovation Manager for Deutsche Welle he participates in European Research projects, with a focus on developing new tools for the newsroom. He contributed to the Data Journalism Handbook and served as the director of the Data Journalism Awards in 2014. Together with Bahareh Heravi he currently conducts a Global Data Journalism Survey, with first results being presented in Perugia 2017.

Mirko Lorenz will speak at the following events:

11:45 - 13:15  saturday 8 april 2017
Hotel Brufani - Sala Priori
Data journalism globally: where is it heading?

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