Measuring journalism’s impact, creating a space for LGBTQ+ journalists in India, and Israeli tank strike killed ‘clearly identifiable’ Reuters reporter

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Measuring journalism’s impact — what we know now that we didn’t before. Our research identified roughly 90 different ways to measure impact, but the reality is that newsrooms usually look at just a few. Anya Schiffrin will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Creating a space for LGBTQ+ journalists in India. When journalist Ankur Paliwal was growing up in northern India, the only headlines he came across that mentioned Indians who were queer – not heterosexual or cisgender – were focused on crime. Popular, too, were articles about members of the LBGTQ+ community eloping, which were reported on in a similar fashion to coverage of crimes. Ankur Paliwal will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Israeli tank strike killed ‘clearly identifiable’ Reuters reporter – UN report. An Israeli tank killed Reuters reporter Issam Abdallah in Lebanon last year by firing two 120 mm rounds at a group of “clearly identifiable journalists” in violation of international law, a UN investigation into the Oct. 13 incident has found.

Patricia Campos Mello: confronting the hate machine. Brazilian journalist Patricia Campos Mello took President Bolsonaro to court when he spread a misogynistic smear denigrating her journalism – and she won. Patricia Campos Mello will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Carine Fouteau devient présidente et directrice de publication de Mediapart. Participant à l’aventure de Mediapart depuis sa création il y a seize ans et codirectrice éditoriale de 2018 à 2023, la journaliste Carine Fouteau a été élue, sur ma proposition, présidente et directrice de publication. By Edwy Plenel. Carine Fouteau will be a #ijf24 speaker.

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To fully harness generative AI’s full potential in physical product design
, it must be combined with the skilled hands and discerning eyes of design experts. McKinsey’s Jack Donohew and coauthors explore how gen AI can unlock creativity and productivity across the product development life cycle.

AI news that’s fit to print: the New York Times’ editorial AI director on the current state of AI-powered journalism. “I’m only speaking for myself today, but this certainly reflects how I’m thinking about the role AI could play in the Times newsroom and beyond.”

Unicef Kenya head tabled stats on child poverty, health and the economy – but do her figures add up? The future of Kenya’s children was the subject of a data-packed media article in a major Kenyan newspaper. But did the numbers stack up? By Africa Check. Lee Mwiti, editor-in-chief of Africa Check, will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Round-up of notable watchdog reporting on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Because of the near-impossible working environment, most investigative stories so far about the ongoing war in Gaza have been written by international media outlets, which heavily rely on geolocation, document analysis, and open source information instead of traditional, on-the-ground reporting.

People trust themselves more than they trust the news. They shouldn’t. There is a growing disconnect between how journalists see themselves and how people see journalists.

Lasting cultural change in the newsroom requires strategic action. Changing newsroom culture doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. Today, many news media executives are wondering how to introduce culture change and how to make it last. Louise Story will be a #ijf24 speaker.

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