Anya Schiffrin

SIPA Columbia University

Anya Schiffrin is the director of the Technology, Media, and Communications specialization at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Her research includes investigative journalism in the Global South, African reporting on oil and mining, business sustainability for media startups in the Global South, and media trust and online disinformation. Schiffrin spent 10 years working overseas as a journalist in Europe and Asia and was a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism in 1999–2000. Schiffrin is on the Global Board of the Open Society Foundations and the advisory board of the Natural Resource Governance Institute. Her most recent books are African Muckraking: 75 Years of African Investigative Journalism (Jacana, 2017) and Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Reporting from Around the World (New Press, 2014).

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