Helping journalists persevere in the face of online abuse, the problems exiled journalists face and how to tackle them, and Gaza journalists struggle to report as they ‘expect to die daily’

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The power of peer support: helping journalists persevere in the face of online abuse. Online abuse stifles freedom of expression, undermines equity and inclusion, and threatens livelihoods. In the United States and around the world, it has become a major occupational hazard, affecting everyone from scientists and academics to election officials and journalists. Journalists in particular, whose work can involve challenging the status quo and holding the powerful to account, have become lightning rods for online abuse. A PEN America report.

Hundreds of journalists go into exile every year. These are the problems they face and how to tackle them. At least 460 left their home countries in 2023. Exiled reporters from Afghanistan, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ukraine discuss their challenges. Penelope Winterhager will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Gaza journalists struggle to report as they ‘expect to die daily.’ With international journalists blocked from entering Gaza, the responsibility of covering the war falls on those who are living through it.

Silence isn’t golden: how Internet shutdowns threaten people’s rights. Internet shutdowns are not only an attack on digital rights but also a direct assault on democracy and freedom. Meera Selva will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Jeffrey Epstein’s island visitors exposed by data broker. A WIRED investigation uncovered coordinates collected by a controversial data broker that reveal sensitive information about visitors to an island once owned by Epstein, the notorious sex offender. Dhruv Mehrotra will be a #ijf24 speaker.

How American journalists kept going as the months piled up in a foreign prison. As Evan Gershkovich’s detainment hits the one-year mark, formerly imprisoned journalists recall their struggle: ‘What have I missed? And why?’ Jason Rezaian will be a #ijf24 speaker.

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Israeli government says it will block Al Jazeera from broadcasting. With foreign journalists banned from entering Gaza, Al Jazeera staff based in the strip have been some of the only reporters able to cover the war on the ground.

Raju Narisetti on steering publishing at McKinsey and his leadership philosophy. “Leadership is balancing between being a microscope and a telescope… making sure you are not over indexing in either micromanaging or being absent.”

How the news ecosystem might look like in the age of generative AI. The future might be defined by a mixture of AI pragmatism, AI experimentalism and AI incrementalism. Rasmus Nielsen will be a #ijf24 speaker.

NYT to soon offer most articles via automated voice. The move will help position the Times as one of the biggest audio news companies globally. Mukul Devichand, editor of programming for New York Times Audio, will be a #ijf24 speaker.

The frightening backdrop to an Iranian journalist’s stabbing in London. For members of the press and other dissidents against repressive regimes, the acceleration in cross-border threats has been particularly acute as the world’s autocrats have grown more brazen, their attacks on the press sharper, their spyware more sophisticated.

Julia Angwin fears the public sphere is about to get worse: “AI makes it easier to flood the zone with misinformation.” As she launches nonprofit Proof News, the reporter shares tips to cover this technology and argues that cutting deals with AI platforms is not worth it. Julia Angwin will be a #ijf24 speaker.

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