saturday 28 april: what’s on at the festival

Investigative journalism and international politics are different in the age of crowdsourcing. As for the former, Paul Lewis showed with his investigation over the riots in London that it’s not an add-on to standard journalism procedures, but an indispensable tool to get a fuller picture of the events unfolding in real time both on the ground and in online conversations. In the latter case, diplomats and journalists have to enter into a new (and uneasy) relationship with a multitude of new (and previously unconsidered) players. During day 4, the International Journalism Festival dedicates two panels (10 am, Sala dei Notari and 2 pm, Centro Servizi G. Alessi) to such topics. Then hacktivism takes the stage. Secrecy, confidentiality and privacy are discussed by Pierluigi Pierri (University of Milan) in relation to whistleblowing and open source intelligence in a workshop (10 am, Hotel Brufani) organized in association with the department of Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations at the University of Milan and the Osservatorio Europeo sulla Resistenza Elettronica, le Liberation Technology e i Diritti Umani. The Hacker’s Corner continues with workshops about the hows and whys of cloud computing (11.30 am, Hotel Brufani), anonymity (3.30 pm, Hotel Brufani) and cybercrime (5 pm, Hotel Brufani). And journalist and author Evgeny Morozov discusses (3.30 pm, Centro Servizi G. Alessi) the techniques of dissidence and digital repressions with Fabio Chiusi (ilNichilista), Giovanna Loccatelli and data security expert Fabio Pietrosanti. Several important issues in digital journalism are addressed. The problem of its economic sustainability is described in a panel (11.30, Hotel Brufani) with founder of Luca Conti, Paola Dubini from Bocconi University, Attilio Redivo (CEO MediaCom Italy), author’s advocate Jonathan Tasini and Nicola Alex Tateo (CEO Etalia). The importance of social media curation and verification, as shown in the ‘arab spring’, with Andy Carvin and others (6 pm, Hotel Brufani). The new challenges and opportunities open to organisations that once proudly published “in depth” periodicals with Zeit online editor-in-chief Wolfgang Blau, Mark Johnson from The Economist, Mother Jones publisher Steve Katz and italian journalists Sergio Maistrello and Marco Pratellesi (5 pm, Sala Baldeschi). In the evening (9 pm, Hotel Brufani) unmissable is Evgeny Morozov’s presentation of his new book against Steve Jobs with Luca De Biase: the ‘iGod’ is demystified.

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