In an age of social media, social network analysis (SNA) is becoming a promising technique for the digital journalist's toolkit. SNA allows journalists to uncover relationships between individuals and organisations, and identify key players and relevant peer groups, by using information on how people and organisations are connected to each other.

In this workshop we will use Twitter data from around the journalism festival and analyse it to reveal connections between festival participants. Participants will: collect data from the Twitter API based on a specific hashtag or keyword; identify and record interactions within the dataset; analyse and visualize the dataset using Gephi. Based on this simple exercise, participants will be able to perform their own Twitter data collection as well as social network analysis on similar datasets. Please download the Gephi visualisation software from and install it on your computer in advance. Participants are required to have basic social media and spreadsheet skills.

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This session is part of the School of Data Journalism organised in association with European Journalism Centre and Open Knowledge Foundation