In this session, we bring you the minds behind some of the most successful collaborative investigation platforms and projects in Europe and Asia - from the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, to, Help Me Investigate and OpenSpending.

The panelists will focus on how can the different cultures of investigative journalism and hacking be brought together. What techniques and knowledge can developers bring to investigative journalism? How can we learn from and build on other projects to produce good investigative journalism around data platforms? How can collaboration across borders be encouraged through these platforms in spite of the guarded nature of journalists’ work and reluctance to share a story with others? How can these platforms be kept alive given the journalists tendency to move to new stories once they have done the initial “scoop”? Finally, how can we make data platforms more attractive to the general public through interactivity, storytelling and personalisation?

This session is part of the School of Data Journalism organised in association with European Journalism Centre and Open Knowledge Foundation