FIMA, the Italian Federation of Environmental Media presents the Charter of Environmental Information as a result of shared reflections, submitting it before journalists and environmental communicators that annually gather at the International Journalism Festival. Unlike other 'charters' dedicated to journalists, this is not intended to protect a category (as the Treviso Charter does for children) but to provide a normative framework.

Why today? Because climate crisis, hydrogeological instability and pollution - and we could go on - are now at a level that we no longer have time to waste. On these issues the responsibility of the media is huge. To inform citizens on issues such as the ecological crisis is a particularly heavy responsibility. To avoid informing or giving voice to an incorrect source is equivalent to becoming involuntarily responsible for the disaster.

The discussion of these issues introduces substantial innovation in journalism. Being a journalist is no longer just reporting what happens; it increasingly means being able to to anticipate events, recounting the dynamics that will precede them (let's think of the explosive risk of Mount Vesuvius or climate change), providing citizens and policy makers with the right tools to plan and build the future of the next generations.

Organised in association with FIMA