Marco Gisotti

director Green Factor

Marco Gisotti, an expert in the green economy and green professions, is the author and host of Wikiradio (Radio 3), where he deals with science and the environment. He also contributes to Tuttogreen-La Stampa and Materia Rinnovabile. He is a lecturer at the University of Tor Vergata in the course of Theories and Languages ​​of Scientific Communication. He founded and is the scientific director of the Green Factor environmental studies and communication agency. He is a member of the executive body of the Federazione Italiana dei Media Ambientali (FIMA), where he is the training delegate. Since 2012 he has been the director of the Green Drop Award, an award dedicated to the environment and to the cooperation between the peoples of the Venice International Film Festival.

He is co-author with Tessa Gelisio of Guida ai green jobs (Edizioni Ambiente, 2012) and one of the authors of the annual report GreenItaly.

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