All the ingredients are there to make climate change a journalism workshop: obstacles, opportunities, risks, limitations, and the prospects of journalism that has to search for, find, and invent new forms and new methods for its investigation and narration.

Interest in this topic is gaining international attention and has significantly increased since Barack Obama has introduced it in his presidential speeches and policies. Climate change involves sensitive topics such as health, safety, food and agriculture and it is strictly connected to policy making, the economic crisis, and its solutions. Scientific sources can provide journalists with a huge quantity of data, information, graphics, and pictures. These are all the ingredients that make climate change one of the most engaging challenges of our time. They also provide an effective point of view to reflect on how the media and journalists are covering such an interesting and complex subject since journalists have to report the technical language of experts in a way that is comprehensible and interesting  for the general public.

Together with an outstanding English expert in journalism, an Italian journalist, and two climate change experts (a scientist and an economist), we will talk about climate change, and we will observe the jobs of the journalists and how this intriguing issue is challenging the language of journalism as well as its tools and jobs.

Organised in association with the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change