Andy Rocchelli was a photographer and founder of the photography collective Cesura. He was killed in 2014 when he was at work during the Ukranian civil war with the journalist and activist Andrei Mironov. Prior to his death he has been working on the book Russian Interiors, announced also during ijf14, the result of a series of intimate portaits of Russian women he did as side job to cover his expenses while staying in Moscow. This allowed him to enter private spaces and tell stories which would otherwise have been unreachable. The subsequent editing of the work has resulted in a documentary work full of elegance and sensitivity. Completed after Andy died by the other members of Cesura, the book has also been supported by a crowdfunding campaign. The first edition of the book was an immediate success, and sold very quickly. The project Russian Interiors was awarded 2nd prize in the World Press Photo Portraits series section.