I bambini sanno


A Walter Veltroni movie. An original Sky production, produced by WILDSIDE in partnership with PALOMAR and distributed by BIM

I bambini sanno (The children know) is the new film by former mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni; it is a journey through childhood as told through the eyes, faces and voices of 34 kids aged between 9 and 13.

Each child is interviewed in his/her own room: he describes it, letting its objects, pictures and furniture become part of his being.

The camera thus becomes the means to discover the world through the eyes of the little ones; to understand their take on "grownup stuff"; to discover their future projects, their dreams and their points of view on life's big issues: love, family, religion, sexuality. The narrative allows a variety of differences between the children to emerge: cultures, background, personal history.

Ultimately, the kids' answers yield big lessons for the grownups who take the time to observe them day by day. When the question goes "What do you need in life to be happy?”, little Peter has no doubts: "To dream".

Organized in association with Sky and UNICEF