The mysterious language of railway lines: trains between music, literature and journalism. Singer Simona Bondanza, pianist Alessandro Hill. readings by Stefania Chiale.

The most fascinating journey is an ancient, gradual one, private and social at the same time: the train ride. Trains are theaters, cafes, bazaars. The only talk show that knows no crisis is the one that is repeated every day on the rails. Confidence creates freedom: chance put us together, a station will separate us. Trains help thinking. All great journeys, from Catholic pilgrimages to the Grand Tour, from the very first trip with friends to one's honeymoon, are in reality a from of slow self-discovery: the view that interests us most is the one within.

Beppe Severgnini has a name for all this: railway therapy. He recounts how trains have passed through music, literature and journalism. Silent protagonists, click-clacketting onwards with their precious cargo: men and women, ideas and dreams.

Organised and sponsored by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.