There is a whole world out there... media formats, new perspectives and economic sustainability to bring foreign news into the Italian mediaspace.

Perhaps for lack of familiarity with foreign languages, perhaps for lack of a strong colonial past, foreign news in Italy has never aroused great interest among the general public. If not a ghastly war in Syria or the American elections, to entire continents is dedicated little space or time in the Italian media.

If the advent of the web has allowed prestigious foreign publications to be mined for ideas, the space for first-hand reports has been drastically reduced, and resources are virtually at zero. How do you then report on huge areas such as Africa, Latin America and Asia, while trying to break out of stereotypes and clichés? With what angles should you propose stories to the media, with what resources, and how can you make any such stories attractive again?

The session will hear from four freelancers who have published reports using innovative video, data journalism, photography and interactivity in the course of 2016, and one of the editors who agreed to publish their work.