What is spyware? Why does any information technology incident become a cyberattack for the media? When a politician invokes the end of anonymity on social networks, what exactly is he talking about?

Every day in the computer world - and in the media world - a silent terminological war is being fought. Where, despite the technicalities of the topics covered, there are nuances. And where behind every contested word emerges an evolving story, often also a political confrontation. What do some of these words tell us today about the techno-political changes we are experiencing?

The journalists Carola Frediani, Philip Di Salvo, Riccardo Coluccini and Raffaele Angius compare their experiences in the field of digital journalism, to try to imagine what challenges the future will hold in dealing with issues that have suddenly become protagonists of our times and which intersect with political and economic life. A breviary (semi-serious) of the cyber journalist will also be presented, in which the authors have tried to collect the main concepts that can help to tell the facts of news stories that involve the world of technology.