Carola Frediani


Carola Frediani has written about hacking, privacy, surveillance, and cybercrime for various Italian and international publications. Later, she began working as a Cybersecurity Awareness Manager in international organizations. She has been part of the Global Security team at the secretariat of Amnesty International.

Every week, she writes the free newsletter "Guerre di Rete," which analyzes news and stories related to cybersecurity, surveillance, and digital rights. The newsletter has evolved into an independent information project, the website, created in collaboration with the Cyber Saiyan association.

In her book "Cybercrime" (Hoepli, 2019), she delves into the dynamics of cyber attacks, their impact on victims, and the social, economic, legal, and even geopolitical ramifications of individual incidents. The book covers incidents ranging from hospitals facing disruptions, targeted politicians, ruined consultants, chaotic black markets, to criminals running rampant.


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