Marcel Rosenbach

Der Spiegel

Marcel Rosenbach studied Political Science and Journalism at the University of Hamburg, went to the Henri-Nannen-School of Journalism and joined the German news weekly Der Spiegel in 2001. He has since worked on numerous investigations, mostly in the fields of business and national security; he was part of the Spiegel team that worked on the Wikileaks releases such as the Afghan and Iraq warlogs and diplomatic cables in 2010/11 and is one of the Spiegel journalists who had access to the Snowden files from summer 2013. Together with his colleague Holger Stark he has written two bestselling non-fiction books on WikiLeaks (Staatsfeind WikiLeaks 2011) and the NSA (Der NSA-Komplex, 2014). Rosenbach and Stark were named "Journalists of the Year" in 2014 and were part of Spiegel's NSA reporting team that won the prestigious Henri Nannen Award for investigative reporting.

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