Hannah Storm

founder and co-director Headlines Network

Hannah Storm is the founder and Co-Director of Headlines Network, which exists to promote more open conversations about mental health in journalism, through workshops, tips and a podcast. She is also a media consultant, specialising in safety - be that physical, online or psychological - working with news rooms to create spaces where everyone feels safe to share their experiences of mental health and where leaders recognise the value of empathetic management.

A sought-after speaker, who shares her own story of recovery from complex trauma, Hannah is the former CEO of the International News Safety Institute and the Ethical Journalism Network, as well as a talented facilitator, trainer and writer. Hannah co-authored the first study into moral injury and the media for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism with Professor Anthony Feinstein and has written extensively at the intersection of gender, mental health, physical and online safety. She is now writing a book for Routledge: a practical guide for journalists on mental health.

Outside her media and mental health work, she's an award-winning author of flash fiction and an accomplished marathon runner, and she finds writing and running hugely beneficial for her wellbeing.

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