Alexandra Pascalidou

journalist and author

Alexandra Pascalidou is an award winning writer/author, journalist, TV-and-radio hostess, producer and human rights advocate. She has worked in both her home countries - Greece and Sweden - moderating political debates, hosting talk-shows, galas, the 2004 Olympic Games, the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest and different weekly TV shows. She has been a lecturer on democracy and diversity, pluralism and equality around Europe. In November 2016 Alexandra was the keynote speaker on Free Speech at the EU Commission.

She is also a board member and goodwill ambassador for, among other organisations, Mentor and Femdefenders, fighting for women’s rights on an international level.

Alexandra recently made her debut at the National Theatre of Gothenburg as a playwright and actress with Alexandra's Odyssey, a play on the multiple crises currently taking place in Europe.

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