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#IJF22 / 7 april 2022

Falcone and Borsellino

Il racconto attraverso audio e video di Giovanni Falcone e Paolo Borsellino a trent’anni dalle stragi mafiose che hanno ucciso i due magistrati e i loro agenti di scorta. Un percorso coinvolgente fa...

#IJF17 / 6 april 2017

The mysteries of Italy

Lirio Abbate will tell of the power of a certain Massimo Carminati thanks to secret documents stolen from the high-security vault of the High Court in Rome. At the heart of the affair is heavy-dut...

#IJF16 / 7 april 2016

Killed by the mafia

A personal recollection by Lirio Abbate of some of the many Italian journalists killed by the mafia; to honour the testimony they gave against the power and brutality of organised crime, to shed som...

#IJF13 / 27 april 2013

Old Calabria

Southern Italy in general, and Calabria in particular, remains a patriarchal culture. The latest book by Lirio Abbate entitled Fimmine rìbelli pays tribute to the Calabrian women who are attempting...