Lirio Abbate

deputy editor L'Espresso

Lirio Abbate is deputy editor of the Italian weekly L'Espresso. He previously wrote for ANSA, the main Italian press agency, and the Italian daily La Stampa. He is an acknowledged expert on organised crime and in particular on the Mafia. He is the author of La Mafia che ho conosciuto (1996) and co-author with Peter Gomez of I Complici. Tutti gli uomini di Bernardo Provenzano da Corleone al Parlamento (2007). He currently lives under police protection following threats to his life as a result of the publication of I Complici. His latest books are Fimmine ribelli (2013), I Re di Roma. Destra e sinistra agli ordini di mafia capitale (co-written with Marco Lillo, 2015), La lista (2017) and Il rosso & il nero. Il romanzo della «Peggio gioventù» (co-written with Marco Tullio Giordana, 2019).

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Events in past editions
#IJF17 / 6 april 2017

The mysteries of Italy

Lirio Abbate will tell of the power of a certain Massimo Carminati thanks to secret documents stolen from the high-security vault of the High Court in Rome. At the heart of the affair is heavy-dut...

#IJF16 / 7 april 2016

Killed by the mafia

A personal recollection by Lirio Abbate of some of the many Italian journalists killed by the mafia; to honour the testimony they gave against the power and brutality of organised crime, to shed som...

#IJF13 / 27 april 2013

Old Calabria

Southern Italy in general, and Calabria in particular, remains a patriarchal culture. The latest book by Lirio Abbate entitled Fimmine rìbelli pays tribute to the Calabrian women who are attempting...