Susan Dabbous

freelance journalist

Susan Dabbous is an Italo-Syrian journalist based in Beirut and Jerusalem. She writes for a variety of Italian publications, in particular the daily Avvenire. She has closely followed events in Syria since March 2011. In December 2012 she co-wrote the screenplay of Border, a film by Alessio Cremonini based on the true story of the dramatic escape of two sisters from Syria and Turkey.

In April 2013, while in Syria, she was abducted and held hostage with three other Italian journalists for eleven days before being released. In December 2013 she was awarded the International Prize for Press Freedom Isf-City of Florence by the Information Safety and Freedom Association. The chronicle of her abduction, entitled Come vuoi morire?, was published in 2014. Before focusing on the Middle East she wrote numerous reportages from Washington and Paris on the topics of migration, racism and integration.

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