Andrew Berrie

national lead of mental health at work Mind

Andrew Berrie is Mental Health at Work National Lead at Mind, the mental health charity.

He supports the ambitions of the Thriving at Work Leadership Council in driving employer action across the UK and oversees delivery of the Mental Health at Work website and Mental Health at Work Commitment.

The Mental Health at Work Commitment is a simple framework for organisations to improve and support the mental health of their people. It builds on what we know: based on the Thriving at Work standards, pulling from the pledges and standards that are already out there, using up-to-date research, from UK employers and mental health experts. To date over 1550 organisations have signed the Commitment.

Over the last three years Andrew has led the Time to Change Employers Programme, Blue Light (Emergency Services) Programme, Mentally Healthy Universities Programme and Mind’s work with the Midlands Engine Mental Health Productivity Pilot supporting a wide range of organisations of varying size, across multiple sectors and across the UK.

He is passionate about working with organisations to develop their wellbeing and mental health programmes, campaigns and initiatives and the role of communications as a catalyst for social change.

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