Eliza Anyangwe

founder The Nzinga Effect

Eliza Anyangwe is a journalist, moderator and the founder of The Nzinga Effect, a media project focused on telling the stories of African and Afro-descendant women online and offline. She joined The Guardian in 2009, first working as a community editor and writer and later becoming editor of the Global Development Professionals Network. After going freelance in November 2014, Eliza continues to contribute to the Guardian, has worked for CNN International, and written for various publications including The FT, The Independent, Al Jazeera and Open Democracy. She has appeared as a commentator on Newsnight, BBC World Service, PRI’s The World, and TRT World, among others, and is a contributing author to Africa’s Media Image in the 21st Century, published by Routlege in 2016. Eliza also shares the role of Community Organiser for the Bureau Local with Rachel Hamada.

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