Giordano Cossu

founder Hirva Lab

Giordano Cossu is an Italian journalist, videomaker and documentarist, founder of Hirya Lab, currently based in France. He has worked on several media projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Fond of nature, travelling, journalism and photography, he has explored these interests in several countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. He aims to further the deployment of new media and technologies to support emergencies, reconstruction and development. Author in 2014 of the web-documentary 20 years on: Portraits from Changing Rwanda about the Rwanda genocide, he is also co-author with Benoit Cassegrain of Goudou Goudou, the ignored voices of the Haitian reconstruction, a 2011 web-documentary describing post-earthquake Haiti through the voices of the Haitian population, waiting for aid month after month and no possibility to voice their needs, a prize-winner at the Web-Tv Festival of La Rochelle (France) and at the 2011 Perugia International Journalism Festival.

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