Claudio Guarnieri

The Citizen Lab University of Toronto

Claudio Guarnieri is a security researcher mostly specialized in the analysis of malware, botnets and computer attacks in general. He's a core member of The Honeynet Project as well as a Fellow of the Centre for Internet and Human Rights and a Research Fellow at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto. He published abundant research on botnets and targeted attacks and presented at conferences such as Hack In The Box, BlackHat, Chaos Communication Congress and many more. In recent years he devoted his attention especially to issues of privacy and surveillance and he published numerous articles on surveillance vendors such as FinFisher and HackingTeam with the Citizen Lab as well as on NSA/GCHQ and Five Eyes surveillance capabilities with The Intercept and Der Spiegel. He also contributes to Global Voices Advocacy. He has been selected among the 50 persons of the year 2014 by Wired Italy, he received with the Citizen Lab the EFF Pioneer Award 2015, and he's been selected by Forbes among the 30 Under 30 honorees for 2016. He continuously researches and writes on government surveillance and threats to journalists and dissidents worldwide and supports human rights organisations with operational security and emergency response.

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