Emanuele Giordana

co-founder Lettera22

Emanuele Giordana is the co-founder of Lettera22, for which he also served as editor. He has lived for many years in Asia and Latin America and worked for a variety of UN agencies and NGOs. He has written for AspenOnline, Limes, Nomos & Khaos, Terra and other specialist publications. With Lisa Clark he is co-spokesman of di Afgana, an Italian civic movement for Afghanistan. He is co-presenter of Radiotremondo on RAI Radio 3 and was director of Ecoradio until 2011. He has published many books, including La scommessa indonesiana (2002), Il dio della guerra (2003) edited with Paolo Affatato, Afghanistan. Il crocevia della guerra alle porte dell'Asia (2007), Diario da Kabul (2010) and Due pacifisti e un generale (2010), written with Ritanna Armeni.

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