"Legacy media need to put as much emphasis on transforming their organisations as they do transforming their content” – this is the premise underlying Lucy Kueng’s research report Going Digital. A Roadmap for Organisational Transformation.

How are media firms approaching the challenges of increasing agility, merging the cultures of journalism and tech, and handling the ceaseless stream of ‘shiny new things’? When should they learn from Silicon Valley, and when should they turn away?

These are some of the issues in Lucy’s Kueng’s report which is based on deep research at multiple companies including The Washington Post, Axel Springer, Schibsted, Vox, the Financial Times, The New York Times, The Economist, Le Monde, El Pais, CNN and The Guardian.

In this panel Lucy Kueng and two of her interviewees will offer their first hand insights on best practice in organisational transformation, covering themes such as agility, strategy, the blending of tech, data and journalism with a view to establishing a roadmap for change in the face of digital disruption.