In conversation with photojournalist Matteo Bastianelli. Moderated by Alessio Jacona.

Photography and cinema; two complementary languages that together constitute the most powerful means to recount wars and crisis situations starting from the details, from the small things of everyday life, from the simple daily routine regained after the conflict that sweeps by, or continually put at risk by looming and unresolved threats.

To tell all this takes time and patience. We must know how to wait, while we are completely immersed in the reality we want to document. Exactly like Matteo Bastianelli, photographer and director, when he decides to tell a story that is close to his heart: for example, with his award-winning documentary The Bosnian Identity, in which he makes a long trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina to see, understand and tell the wounds left by the war on things, places and above all people. Or again with MaldiMare, in which he documents the reality of the steel mill in Taranto (southern Italy), the largest and most polluted in Europe.

A session to get to know closely the motives, the vision but also the working method of a cross-medial narrator of rare effectiveness.

Organised and sponsored by FujiFilm.