The debate surrounding media literacy is often too focused on the impact of social media platforms (namely Facebook and Twitter) on the one hand, and the ability and responsibility of citizens to evaluate whether to trust media content on the other. Meanwhile, disinformation is plaguing the news ecosystem, delegitimizing journalists and newsrooms. If nothing is done, it will have serious implications on our representative democracies and our intermediary bodies. What is missing today reinforces the responsibility of journalists to confront falsehoods and engage the public in identifying, and fighting, disinformation. Journalists and newsrooms are “the missing link” in the current media literacy debate. The goal of this unconference is to invite journalists, academics and motivated citizens to co-produce a European Media Literacy Toolkit in order to combat misinformation.

What is an unconference? It's different from a classical conference where speakers and sessions are defined. The agenda of an unconference is defined by the participants themselves.

Organised in association with the Global Editors Network.