Worldwide, 1 out of 5 women suffers violence from her partner, only 23.4% of MPs are women, and it will take 217 years to close the gender pay gap. All of these figures are true. Nevertheless, they portray women as mere victims, pushing them back into gross stereotypes. Reality is much more complex: Muslim girls love football and computers and indigenous women are at the forefront when it comes to drafting new laws.

Thanks to the EJC Innovation in Development Reporting Programme, four crews of journalist could report on the women and girls who spearhead the battle for closing the gender divide and being recognized for what they really are.

These projects deal with labor issues, discriminations, violence as well as sport and gaming in countries such as Tanzania, Peru, Myanmar, Bolivia, Gambia, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, and Kenya. In addition, they all have been produced with a hybrid approach, mixing investigative journalism, data analysis, motion graphics and visual storytelling.

We want to discuss how we can report on gender equality avoiding stereotypes, which are the better angles to generate new narratives, which topics go unnoticed by media organizations.

The panel will feature:

Michele Bertelli - Coding Like a Girl

Valeria Cardi - When Women Rule

Mariangela Maturi - A girls' game

Emanuela Zuccalà - Crossing the river