Eva Belmonte

managing editor Civio

Eva Belmonte is Managing Editor at Civio, an Spanish non profit newsroom. Graduate of Journalism from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She came to Civio after eight years in the editorial department of El Mundo in Barcelona (2004-2012). Eva Belmonte designs, develops, and monitors all of Civio's investigations. An expert in the analysis and treatment of public information, she is author of the project El BOE nuestro de cada dia, in which she synthesises, on a daily basis, the Official State Gazette, informing us about how the decisions made therein affect us; she has published the book Españopoly (Ariel, 2015) in which she describes and documents how Spain's power structures function. She coordinates investigative projects such as Medicamentalia (a international investigation on the gap in global access to health awarded with the Data Journalism Award and the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award), The Pardonometer (an analysis of all the gubernamental pardons granted by the Spanish government) and Who’s paid for the work? (an investigation on public works and the companies receiving the contracts), among others.

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