A long line of political leaders in our contemporary world share a common hatred of freedom of expression, of the free press and indeed of journalism itself. The term "fake news" discredits and challenges journalism. The loss of a plural and independent representation of developments in the media is impacting upon the formation of free and critical opinion. This makes courageous and innovative reporters all the more important. The first globally-oriented journalism prize aims to strengthen journalists all over the world in their work.

The True Story Award provides recognition for exceptional written reports in 12 of the world’s most widely used languages. Fifty jurors reviewed a total of 924 submissions from 98 countries in the first edition 2019. The nominees Rohini Mohan (India) and Eve Fairbanks (South Africa) discuss toghether with the Juror Francesca Mannocchi (Italy) and the Award’s initiator Daniel Puntas Bernet (Switzerland) the importance of a global Award.