Journalism in Europe and the US loses thousands of jobs every year. Local newspapers are dying and even journalists in public service media are more and more employed only on the basis of precarious contracts. The revenues from new online advertisement previously available to the privately financed press are now concentrated to 80% in two companies, Google and Facebook. The EU Copyright Directive adopted in 2019 does not seem to bring back revenues to the press. Nor can subsidies, like the envisaged €40 million support to the physical delivery of print newspapers in Germany, be a long-term solution.

The panel will discuss what measures of smart policy are necessary to revive the 4th estate, so vital for democracy. The regulation of major internet platforms, support to start-ups and foundation models for journalism support are among the measures the panel will look at in the search for a policy for a free, vibrant and pluralistic, privately financed press necessary for healthy democracies.