Futureproofing your newsroom for the metaverse: what we’ve learned from five years of immersive storytelling experimentation.

In this panel discussion, experts with a combined over 15 years experience on the creative, production, and business sides of immersive content will discuss failed and successful experiments in Virtual and Augmented Reality at a variety of newsrooms over the past half-decade, and what we can learn for the future. What can we learn about journalism in the metaverse from what we've already tried? How do you make decisions about investment in this new space? We'll take attendees through a conversation about what we have seen work from personal experience and open up a discussion about where things are going, including:

Where does journalism fit into the metaverse.

How and when to train your staff to approach new formats like 3D content and AR.

Creating paths towards financial sustainability in the immersive space.

Intrapreneurship and shaking up the status quo.

The importance of DE&I and inclusive storytelling when looking at future technology opportunities.