Women are represented in (only) one quarter of the news published around the world. Newsrooms are generally dominated by male editors-in-chief. Yet, in Europe in recent years, some of the coolest and most innovative journalistic projects and start-ups these years have been initiated or are run by women.

Is innovation feminine ? Come to this panel, challenge your prejudices and join the discussion. Collaboration instead of competition – hear about Arena For Journalism, a journalism collaboration organisation that explores cross border journalism as well as algorithms, affordable housing or food & water. Investigate Europe is a journalist-owned cooperative and focuses on international investigations across Europe. Hostwriters/Unbias The News enhances transnational collaboration and gender-based reporting. Maldita opens a new era in fact-checking and data journalism. What unites them is the fact, that they are founded and / or run by women.

What does it mean to create or to lead media as a woman? Is journalism biased? How to manage a team as a woman? What are the challenges, the obstacles to overcome? Where can you get support? Who are the investors or programs supporting women's leadership or? Is it possible to report in a more gender-sensitive way? Through personal anecdotes and a public debate, this panel aims at tackling a key issues: the place and role of women in the media industry in the post MeToo Europe.