The term diversity is now being used as a buzzword or an operative word that allows not just corporate entities but news organisations to tick boxes. But diversity is a question of quality. As we have seen in countless examples from the pandemic and before, communities that are underrepresented in the media, tend to be misrepresented by the media as well.

This panel seeks to focus more on expanding beyond diversity as political correctness and suggests practical ways in which media organisations beyond workshops and seminars can actually diversify to allow for more inclusive operations and more accurate and trustworthy news.

The panelists (mainly editors at Unbias the News) will talk more about the work done over the last one year by the UTN team and how the global newsroom has been able to create a space for journalists experiencing structural barriers in the field, working towards a more equitable and inclusive world of journalism.

This is not a session that restricts the conversations about what should be seen to be done but one that allows for real time  practical examples from running the UTN operations. A panel that goes beyond the headlines to talk about the challenges in actually ensuring diversity and inclusion, explain what has been achieved, ways either newsrooms can learn from what is being done, and share case studies with journalists from the field who have been UTN reporters from across the globe.

This panel will also explain how UTN as a global newsroom has been able to open up the field to emerging voices and local journalists who before now, never had the privilege to publish at big legacy outlets due to structural barriers or discrimination. Finally, the success of the Indie newsroom alliance and ways news organizations can actually partner to be able to reach more audiences.

Organised in association with Unbias the News.