The COVID-19 crisis has prompted radical and accelerated thinking about the purpose of work. It also forces us to ask what good newsroom leadership looks like beyond managing hybrid meetings. Because the global conversation on the changing world of work is confronted with a global newsroom culture that many still experience as an outdated place ruled by narcissism, sexism and systemic racism.

This panel of newsroom leaders and builders will explore with its audience exactly this question: How toxic is newsroom culture behind the scenes and what leadership does it take to change newsrooms into modern, empathetic workplaces that they deserve to be.

For this, the three female executives from the U.S. and Germany will discuss tools and share scientific insights on how to work out to shape a workplace that puts an end to dysfunctional and toxic management and thus stops cynicism, burnout, inequality in opportunity and inequality in promotion from top to bottom - through rethinking leadership.