The overall economic reliance of journalism in politically pressured contexts is on donor funding.  Time and again, published analysis and reports say weak markets, soft corruption, and apathetic audiences make business the biggest challenge. It is. And new economic challenges, that have emerged as a result of Covid 19 and hit women journalists hardest, have pressured donors to revisit their priorities and repurpose their funds. Innovation and creative business models for sustainability need illumination. Despite exhausting exogenous and internal challenges, there are compelling pockets of innovation for viable business models in politically pressured contexts. Belarusian was founded in 2012. Leveraging expertise as a creative agency, it has pioneered new native advertising formats, and developed new technology verticals. Daraj has harnessed influencers in the Arab world on social media to drive growth and revenues. Al Mamlaka TV, Jordan’s first public service news station,  achieves effective reach and quality engagement with a  fragmented audience to increase earnings and achieve sustainable growth. This all-female panel shares frontline victories not just for journalism but for a resilient business model against the odds.