Clare Cook

Media Innovation Studio Univ. of Central Lancashire

Clare Cook is co-founder of the Media Innovation Studio at the School of Journalism and Media, University of Central Lancashire, UK. For seven years she has analysed and worked on independent journalism business models in Europe and politically pressured environments. She is author of several key reports such as Sustainable Business Models on the Net (COMET), Hyperlocal Revenues in the UK and Europe (Nesta) and Unlocking Journalism Resilience: Adapting a Digital Business Model to Promote Press Freedom (Wan-Ifra). As business mentor for the Engaged Journalism Accelerator, she has developed a new toolkit using hexagonal heat mapping to correlate reader relationships with reader revenue models. She works on strategy for the UK media system When the Goal is Not to Scale: Towards Sustainable Community Media (Internews Europe). Currently she is heading up research for a new platform called Value My News, which hopes to unlock new revenue streams for hyperlocal journalism sites in the UK. Her specialist interest is moving independent media through viable, sustainable and resilient models with a focus on revenue models.

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