In a world where freedom of expression is more and more constrained by autocratic regimes, entrepreneurs are seeking a new solution to bring trusted news to repressed citizens: hybrid media. Hybrid media operate both outside and inside these countries, with leadership based in a comparatively free country while journalists whose identities are kept secret gather information from inside the country where media have little or no freedom.

Panelist Sami Mahdi of Afghanistan, editor-in-chief of AmuTelevision, is a prime example of this trend. AmuTelevision is based in Washington, where Mahdi and several colleagues live in exile. But they rely on journalists inside Afghanistan to gather information.

Among the issues to be explored: How do you ensure the safety of contributors living inside the country? How do you pay them? How do you get the content to the audience if the government controls platforms of distribution?

Organised in association with International Center for Journalists.