Recorder is the hottest Romanian media right now, and arguably an inspiration for all small to mid-size newsrooms in Central and Eastern Europe or even beyond.

What the session participants will touch on:

How to make long-form video investigations that reach 1 million views in days and top the YouTube trending charts

How Recorder build a model of donations that has taken the team to over €1,2 million in revenue with more than 90% of that coming from their audience

How to build a loyal community of tens of thousands of invested fans -- so invested that 30,000 filled out a recent audience survey, an example of engagement with results and answers that the whole industry can benefit from

Many are impressed by what Recorder produces, how popular they are, and how strong their model is. In a small market, it's nothing short of a miracle. Here's a feel-good story, with practical tips included.

Moderated by Cristian Lupsa.