Cristian Delcea

co-founder and editor-in-chief Recorder

Cristian Delcea is the co-founder and one of the two editors-in-chief of Recorder. In seven years since of existence, Recorder has become one of the most important publications in Romania, producing video investigations, hard news reports and astonishing documentaries that reached millions of people. The content published by Recorder is completely free, but the very close connection with the audience and the quality of the stories made this media outlet not only functional but also an unusual appearance in the European media landscape: with an annual budget exceeding one million euros, Recorder is almost entirely financed by micro-donations and has grown from 4 founders to a newsroom of 25 journalists. Cristian is the visual coordinator of the Recorder, he is passionate about cinematography and music, and often used this tools to make complicated investigations more accessible to the general public.

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