At last year’s IJF, one independent news editor said “We are being trained to death, but that’s the only way we can access funding.”

The viability of independent media relies on long-term strategies not just short-term tactics. In this session we will explore journalism funding - it’s opportunities and limits and what makes independent media more viable long term. We will hear directly from an independent media leader and touch on some examples of what’s available that meets their needs already, but also ideas to fill gaps. We’ll discuss the current quality of media training and education, the use of training as a subsidy, as well as internal training strategies (e.g. J-School from the Kyiv Independent). We will ask questions like 'Is journalism as an industry lagging behind when it comes to creating great educational content on YouTube and TikTok?' and we’ll explore the value of longer term, meaningful connections that journalists and commercial teams can draw on at various stages in their strategy development journey, as well as how to embed skills and knowledge across the organisation.

The aim of the discussion is to offer key take-aways for philanthropic organisations and media development organisations who support this kind of work, as well as for journalists themselves in terms of what they are seeking. Moderated by Kelly Walls.

Organised in association with The Guardian Foundation.