The past decades in the media industry have been characterized by cost-cutting, efficiency programs and pressure to transform. The rapid development of generative AI is currently accelerating these trends even further. What often falls by the wayside is the answer to one of the most pressing questions in an increasingly volatile environment: Why do we exist as media and news brands at all?

On this international panel, we will discuss precisely this question from the perspective of a legacy media brand, one of the largest independent news agencies in the world, a non-profit investigative newsroom, a public broadcaster and a journalism startup. How do we define an appropriate mission - or is this something only tech companies should do? What is derived from it, who do we serve, and why, and how do we get an entire industry to urgently (re)answer this question? Because in a world facing the jolt of an AI content avalanche, knowing why we exist is the most critical superpower for survival.

Moderated by Astrid Maier.